Livestock Validation

Purpose of the State Validation Program. In order for any 4-H/FFA member to make entry into any major livestock show in Texas, their livestock projects must have been validated within the Texas 4-H/FFA Livestock Validation Program. The validation of 4-H/FFA livestock projects occurs annually to establish a permanent identity of the animal and verify ownership by the exhibitor. The validation program helps to ensure all animals are placed on feed and under the direct care of the owner on a designated date. The validation process occurs on a predetermined date established by the State Validation Committee.

At the time of validation, all animals (excluding horses, and heifers) are ear tagged; individual hair sample is collected on each animal to be used for DNA testing to verify identity at a later date; record of exhibitor(s) animal project(s) and code of ethics policy form completed by each 4-H member.

Lamb & Goat Validation Forms

2016 State Fair Tag Order Form – Market Lambs

2016 State Fair Tag Order Form – Market Goats

2016-17 Major Show Validation

2017 County Show Validation

Swine Validation Forms

2016 State Fair Tag Order Form – Market Swine

2016-17 Major Show Validation (coming soon)

2017 County Show Validation (coming soon)

Steer & Heifer Validation Forms

2016 -2017 Major & County Tag Order From – Market Steer

2016 Fall Show Heifer Validation UIN Order Form

2016-2017 Major Show Heifer Validation

Horse Validation

Your horse must be properly validated to be shown at the District and/or State Horse Show. Horse Validation will be completed through 4-H Connect. Please read instructions carefully.

2016 Horse Validation will open on 4-H Connect March 1 through May 1.

  • March 1 – April 15 – $10 per horse
  • April 16 – May 1 – $20 per horse

All horses must be validated or re-validated with payment each year, to be eligible to show at District and State 4-H Horse Shows.

2016 Horse Validation Instructions

2017 County Show Validation (coming soon)

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