Ambassador Program

The Coryell County 4-H Ambassador & Junior Ambassador Programs aim to project a clear and accurate image of the Texas and Coryell County 4-H & Youth Development Program. More specifically, the purpose is to:

  •  Help older youths develop leadership and communication skills.
  • Help the public understand the full scope of the 4-H program.
  • Recruit new members from diverse backgrounds.
  • To tell and show key audiences what the 4-H and Youth Development Program is and who it impacts, so that these audiences will understand the impact of 4-H on the lives of young people and will see how it addresses key youth issues in the community.
  • To make families, youths, and communities more aware of 4-H and the benefits it offers.


Coryell County 4-H youths will be selected to serve as 4-H Ambassadors on an annual basis. 10-20 Coryell County 4-H youth per age group will be selected to serve as 4-H Ambassadors and Junior Ambassadors in any given 4-H year. The number of Ambassadors is the decision of the supervising County Extension Agent.

Members must apply, interview and be accepted annually.

Interviews will be held annually by a panel of 2-3 judges.  These judges will review applications, essays and interview each candidate.  Following these interviews, this panel will determine participants for Coryell County 4-H Ambassador and Junior Ambassador Programs.

Application Deadline for 2020-2021: June 1, 2020

Interview Date for 2020-2021 Program:   June 25, 2020 from 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM.  A sign-up sheet for specific times will be available when applications are submitted.

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