Coryell 4-H Roundup & Share the Fun

This page provides information for the Coryell County 4-H Roundup and Share the Fun competitions. Entry form is located further down on this page.

What is Roundup?:

Texas 4-H Roundup is held annually in College Station on the campus of Texas A&M University.   Texas 4-H Roundup is a qualifying and invitational event for youth between the ages of 11 and 18 that have successfully placed in a qualifying event at the district level or signed up to compete in an invitational event at the state level. Texas 4-H Roundup includes approximately 50 different contests and workshops that test 4-H members on life skills in such attributes are decision making, public speaking, organization, and working with others. These contests include such things as Fashion Show, Food Show, an assortment of judging contests, and educational presentations.

County Roundup participants may qualify for district competition.  Only senior 4-H members, in grades 6-12, may advance to state Roundup, with the exception of Roundup invitational contests.  Invitational contests are open to intermediates and seniors.

What is an Educational Presentation?:

Have you ever watched a movie where the people are all dressed in business suits, sitting
around a table, and someone is giving a presentation? Some of the presenters may be
using media presentation, posters, and some may be using models or props, while others
may only be delivering words to relay their point. If you have seen this, then you know
what an educational presentation is!

A 4-H educational presentation is a demonstration of your knowledge and skills in a
certain project area. This presentation is done in a way that is most comfortable to you. It
can be accomplished using props (method demonstration), posters or media presentations
(illustrated talk), or it can be you just speaking and convincing, or simply educating, with
words alone (public speaking).

Click here for more information on What is an Educational Presentations

What is Share the Fun?:

Share the Fun is a performance, similar to a talent show.  The categories include Celebrate 4-H, Choreographed Routines, Dramedy, Musical/Instrumental, Poetry/Prose, Solo/Band Performance and Vocal for individuals or teams up to nine members.  Your imagination is the limit. More information is available at


Coryell County 4-H Event Information:

Entry deadline:               April 2, 2018
Contest Date:                  April 5, 2018
Contestant Arrival:        4:00 PM
Contest Begins:               4:30 PM
Location:                          Gatesville City Auditorium (110 N. 8th St. Gatesville, TX)


Please read full instructions in the 2018 Coryell 4-H Roundup Letter before entering.


District 8 4-H Contest will be held May 5, 2018 at Riesel High School.


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